Tips on Making a Great Cloth Bag

bag is one of the main things many purposes, both inside and outside your home. Whether your bag has a small or large, can be used for various storage needs. Use a small bag, or to store small items. Or you can use a general storage bag for your big items that are hard for you to keep saving them. Can also be used as a gift bag that your family or your lover will appreciate. case is somewhat flexible and easy to do, whatever their purpose of use.

You can decide on the main fabric bag that you want to be. You should know that the substance can be folded in half to make the bag. So well, much of the substance, the bag is half the size.

Place the fabric on the right way up. You should consider 4.1 cm along the long side. Then you can spread it around and sew the seam along the folded edge to complete.

Similar double edge long by 1 inch along the edge. The cap iron and sew along the seam line and sewn in step 2. She can lid pocket.

Then you get the rectangle of the fabric in half with the wrong part and cover the top. You must match the hand edges and the bottom. Then pin the edges to make sure.

And the last one at the edges by sewing the first portion of the seam under the hood. Then stitch the edges and also a part of the bottom edges together with a half-inch layer assignment.